Meet Our Team – Orlando

Daniel Stagg

Regional Vice President South East

Daniel began working, weekends and summers, while he was still a kid in middle school. He wasn’t tossing newspapers, either; he was working cattle,  farming, felling trees, building fences, and doing other similarly challenging tasks. He was well-prepared for hard work when he reached the “real world.” Daniel (who grew up wanting to be a forest ranger) has always preferred being outside. He’s been in the landscape industry since college. His experience in the industry, his great integrity, and his easy, skilled way of dealing with others, have made him an invaluable leader.  Daniel is an avid outdoorsman and a proud husband.  He is involved with his church, and quick to give a helping hand where it’s needed.  Like many a good, native Floridian, Daniel spends fall Saturdays watching college football and yelling for the Gators.

Scott Dalton

Operations Manager

Scott has been in the Green Industry for over 20 years. He first started working as a landscape installer and tree technician in Austin for a residential and commercial company. After relocating to Florida in 2001, Scott continued his education at First Coast Technical Institute.

Scott worked for a local company, focused on growing the commercial installation division and also oversaw the maintenance division. Scott then moved to the project management position designing landscapes, irrigation systems, tree relocation and complete project rehabs on large commercial sites. From project management, he then moved to operational and branch management roles for a national company. Scott is excited to be part of the LUSA family, and throughout his career in the landscape industry, Scott has always shared a passion for taking care of customers and supporting the hardworking employees who perform the landscape services on client properties and building long term partnerships.

Scott has been married to his wife, Jackie, for twenty years and has three children. Scott enjoys the outdoors, going hunting and fishing with his friends and family.

Francisco Zamora

Account Manager

Francisco and his wife of over ten years, Virginia, have three wonderful children, Michael, Michelle, and Matthew. Francisco and Virginia met at church during an outreach event and were married soon after.  Later on, he was given the opportunity to learn irrigation and worked in that field for the last two years. The Zamora family takes pride in being heavily active in the ministry of their church.

Francisco started in the landscaping Industry in 2005. .  Since then, he has learned and worked in different positions in the field starting as a maintenance worker, then continuing as an enhancement worker, and working his way to enhancement leader.  Later on, he was given the opportunity to learn irrigation and worked in that field for the last two years.  He was then given the chance to work as a production manager, which gave him more experience to later become an account manager
Francisco’s favorite thing about working for Landscapes USA is talking and making connections with customers.  He gets to meet different people.  He also loves that getting this work done requires teamwork, multi-tasking, and problem-solving.   Francisco is a big fan of football. He considers himself the #1 Dolphin fan.  He is also a fan of basketball because his daughter is a big basketball fan, he loves watching games with her. On Francisco’s bucket list you would find him riding a helicopter, going skydiving, and traveling to Alaska and Israel.  One goal is to be a better person every day (a better husband, father, coworker).  Another goal is to get some type of degree in the landscape industry.​