Meet Our Team – Jacksonville

Daniel Stagg

Regional Vice President South East

Daniel began working, weekends and summers, while he was still a kid in middle school. He wasn’t tossing newspapers, either; he was working cattle,  farming, felling trees, building fences, and doing other similarly challenging tasks. He was well-prepared for hard work when he reached the “real world.” Daniel (who grew up wanting to be a forest ranger) has always preferred being outside. He’s been in the landscape industry since college. His experience in the industry, his great integrity, and his easy, skilled way of dealing with others, have made him an invaluable leader.  Daniel is an avid outdoorsman and a proud husband.  He is involved with his church, and quick to give a helping hand where it’s needed.  Like many a good, native Floridian, Daniel spends fall Saturdays watching college football and yelling for the Gators.

Scott Dalton

Operations Manager

Scott is an outdoorsman—a camper, hiker, hunter, and fisherman—who, as a kid, wanted to be a fish and game officer.  It’s not surprising he chose an industry that is all about the outdoors.  His job has him driving all over Florida, catching beach views, and enjoying the state’s famous sunshine.  He loves to travel, not only in Florida but all across the nation and particularly to state and national parks.  So far, his favorites are the Grand Canyon and the mountains of Tennessee.  Alaska is high on the list of future destinations.

Scott’s first real job was on a cattle ranch in his native state of Texas.  The Texas connection explains his hardcore devotion to the UT Longhorns!  His involvement with Florida sports includes seven years as the volunteer director of the Clay County Police Activities League, where he oversaw baseball, softball, and t-ball.  (The police league is one of many organizations Scott has volunteered with.)

Scott is married to Jackie.  They have raised three kids—Kameron (21), Kambree (20), and Kassidy (19).  They have three dogs, too.  Brody is a German shepherd; Beau and Gunny are American bulldogs.

Educational & Professional Credentials:

  • Green Industry for over 20 years

Randall Holmes 

Senior Account Manager

Randall is committed to Artist Connection Theater, a young community facility birthed by his church.  He sits on the board and is the marketing chair.  He recently played a role in It’s a Wonderful Life, and also in Once Upon a Wolf.  His wife, Bethany, is involved, too.

Randall and Bethany have three kids—Krista (19), Cam (18), and Senna (8).  They all love to camp, hike, be around or on the water, and go to Christian concerts and events.  (The two family cats don’t share all of these interests.)  Randall is happy to be raising his crew in his beloved hometown, and he is passionate about making it a better place.  Helping the less fortunate is, he believes, a vital part of this.  It also goes (almost) without saying that Randall is a loyal Jaguars fan.  He also roots for the Gators.

He enjoys the Smokies and has plans to take the family to Arizona, Colorado, and Utah.  The ultimate trip, though, would be a visit to Israel and the Holy Land.

David Price

Business Development Manager

David has always enjoyed people, and he likes making them laugh.  (He was even voted “wittiest” in his high school class.)  He’s fond enough of people that, during a crisis early in his marriage, he decided he needed to understand them (and himself) better.  Impressed with a personality assessment program he took through a group called Personality Insights, he enrolled in their full program and became a certified personality consultant.  What he learned changed the trajectory of his life.  For starters, he credits it with saving his marriage.

That was some thirty years ago.  Since then, he and his wife have shared their success from the stage, talking about the tough times, and giving hope and encouragement to their listeners.  David has done some solo speaking, too.  He’s one of those rare people who actually loves to get up and address a crowd.  He’s spoken to companies, clubs, and churches about understanding different personality types.  Motivation is one of his strengths.

At more laid-back times, David enjoys fishing and riding his bike, as well as spending time with his wife of 38 years, their two sons and a daughter, and their ten grandkids.

Educational & Professional Credentials:

  • Electronics – Valdosta Tech
  • Certified Human Behavioral Consultant